We have a team of experienced and rigorously trained clinicians who are able to draw on a broad range of established modalities, which can be both tailored to the needs of the individual, and appropriately adapted as the work progresses.

Psychotherapy offers a confidential, non-judgmental and safe space to explore and work through any issues which may be creating difficulties in leading a full, rewarding life.

These issues exist on a spectrum which ranges from:

  • Problems with emotional regulation, such as anger or spiralling negative thoughts.
  • Problems with relationships, whether at work or home.
  • Problems with life’s transitions, particularly involving loss and bereavement.
  • Existential angst where there is a loss of hope and meaning in life.
  • Issues of identity, gender or sexuality.
  • Identifying and modifying unhelpful coping mechanisms, which may involve food, drugs, self-harm, pornography and burying oneself in work.
  • Issues involving trauma and abuse, whether physical, sexual, verbal or emotional.
  • Issues concerning physical illness, whether in the self, loved one or as a career.
  • Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, obsessional thoughts, and behaviours.

In the initial meeting or consultation, the therapist and client explore together what the presenting issues are and how these might be best resolved.

Sessions, which normally last 50 minutes, take place once a week on the same day and at the same time.

The fee is £85 per session for individuals and £90 for couples.

We offer both short-term therapy (usually between 12 to 20 sessions) and open-ended, long-term work with individuals and couples.

All our therapists are members of either

The Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling, The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy or The British Psychoanalytic Council, and adhere to their Codes of Ethics.

All therapists also undertake regular supervision and study to further their professional development.

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