Elodie Poissenot – Women’s health Physiotherapist

BSc/MSc Physio, DIU pelvic floor and medical ethics

“I am passionate about women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation. I want to give to all women the most comfortable pre and post-natal time. “

Since she graduated, Elodie worked 4 years in France in Besançon and Lyon, in women-health-specialised offices. She then worked for three years in a London based office, still in the same fields. Pelvic floor rehab, pregnancy-related and women health, in general, are domains in which Elodie is deeply passionate about. Elodie also has important knowledge in pediatrics (neuromotor delay, orthopedic and traumatology) and a privileged contact with children.

In 2012, she graduated in Perinatology at Lyon’s University (Fr), as well as getting a Breathing Physiotherapy Diploma in SUK (Paris). Since 2012 she trains about twice a year to follow the evolution of techniques and be always up to date, to give the best care to her patients.

In 2014, she followed two pieces of training in pelvic pain in London and Paris, one Training in the ABDO-Mg (Luc Guillarme method) to prevent hyper pressure on the pelvic floor and abdominal diastasis and one K-Taping training for pre/post-partum women and also athletes.

In 2015, Elodie focused on pregnant women’s problems, birth preparation and slink carrying.

She has recently trained sportswomen with abdominal and perineal problems induced by sports practice too.

Elodie is available at Dolphin Square on Monday afternoon (2pm – 6 pm) and Thursday morning (9am-1pm). Her contact details and prices are as follows:

Email: contact@myfrenchphysio.london
Telephone: 07491 987919
Website: http://myfrenchphysio.london/   

  • 45 min – £85
  • 30 min – £65

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