In today’s blog post, we are sharing a client success story from Kate Osborne – our resident nutritional therapist.

Kate uses a programme called ‘Metabolic Balance’ for healthy weight loss. This award-winning programme was developed in Germany by doctors and dieticians and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

The best thing about Metabolic Balance is that it works on balancing blood sugar and reducing inflammation. Weight loss is considered a ‘side effect’ to the body finding its natural balance again. Kim is a recent example of how the programme works as you can see on the pictures below:

Kim lost 15.6 kg (2.5 stone) over a period of six months. Only 0.7kg of this loss was muscle mass. Water percentage increased from 44% to 52.7% over the duration of the programme and there was an improvement in body composition indicators.

Kim discovered a new zest for life and was ‘astounded’ by the changes in her energy and focus. The IBS type issues that had affected her whole life had disappeared by week 2 and her skin looked radiant.

Kim’s ‘metabolic age’ which is calculated using the basal metabolic rate and the muscle to fat ratio dropped from 57 on her first visit to 28 on her final visit. Amazing results and we would like to congratulate both Kate and Kim for the great work. If you or anyone you know struggles with weight loss and would like to finally use a system that works and delivers lasting results, check Kate’s profile here.

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