Hypnosis is a pleasant experience allowing you to become physically relaxed, possibly more than you have ever been, while at the same time becoming mentally focused.
It is a natural state that most people experience often without realizing. It often occurs when reading, watching television, listening to music or traveling. Have you ever arrived at your destination and cannot remember passing certain roads or landmarks, this would be because you were in a light hypnotic trance.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to give specific suggestions to remove or alter unwanted thoughts, behaviors and feelings and to encourage preferred thoughts, behaviors and feelings
It is completely safe (when administered by a qualified professional). You will be in control and can hear what is said to you when you are in trance but it is also perfectly normal to not hear consciously and may forget what you have heard.

Clinical hypnosis follows a specifically defined protocol for treatment that is designed specifically to reduce fears, alleviate symptoms and to help the patient to take control of their condition and bring about changes they would like.

Most people can be hypnotised and can be particularly effective if you are motivated to make the changes you want and you feel comfortable with your practitioner (this is important and should be considered and discussed with your practitioner from the outset).

It is important to be realistic in your expectations for change and this will be discussed with you to ensure the outcome is achievable.


In the first session, we will discuss what you would like to address and consider how hypnotherapy can help you.

Your case history or some background information will be taken. The rest of the session may be taken up with hypnotherapy.

During subsequent sessions (if required) there will be an evaluation of your progress and an opportunity to discuss any further issues before proceeding with hypnotherapy.


The number of sessions will depend on a variety of components.

Hypnotherapy can work rapidly but will be influenced by your state of mind, the condition being addressed and how well you respond to the treatment. Very simple conditions can be treated in one appointment and many can be treated in three to six sessions.
You will be able to discuss how your treatment will progress at your first consultation or by brief telephone conversation beforehand.

There are specifically designed sessions for pregnancy and childbirth (hypno-birthing), smoking cessation and weight management according to your requirements.

For more information, contact Kerry Welch directly.


We can offer a complete and comprehensive antenatal programme that guides and prepares a woman, her partner and the baby towards a peaceful, gentle and calm birth. It is a wonderful learning process that helps them understand how and what is happening in preparation for, during and after the birth. The therapy addresses the psychological and physical well-being of those involved in the birth by helping the mother and her partner to be in complete control and work together with their midwife or health care provider to bring about the happy and safe arrival of their baby, however, and wherever that may be. It includes deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, specific breathing techniques and visualisation. Mothers learn and practice at relaxing their body and mind with such ease that they control the natural chemical and hormonal balances in their body to affect the natural processes of labour and birth with ease on the day. It covers natural birth, why interventions may be suggested, what they are and how to navigate around them unless genuinely required. The mechanics of birth and the variety of helpful equipment (such as pools etc) and how/why they would help, are also explained during this therapy. Hypnobirthing begins as soon as the learning starts, continues to the birth and bonding of the family. Research also shows that many of the skills and practices learned will be useful and influential after the childbirth to help parents better manage their lives.

For more information, contact Kerry Welch directly.

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