We would like to inform you that from 25th May 2018, we will be bringing our processes into line with the upcoming GDPR legislation which affects data protection. As we hold personal medical information on our patients at our premises and online on our records, we would like to assure you that we take this new data protection change extremely seriously. Having looked at the new rules and guidelines, we would like to let you know that we already meet the main objectives of data security, such as a consent for what we do with personal data and providing you with the ability to see and, if necessary, to amend the data we hold on request (but not for deletion as we have a statutory duty to maintain records).

As of May 2018, everyone who would like to be part of our newsletter and receive more information about our articles online and various events, news and promotional offers, is advised to opt in to this service by emailing us back with their desired action step as you will see below. Therefore, we would be very grateful if you let us know via email if you would like to be part of this online service that we provide to our patients. If you are not sure whether you are part of our list or not, simply email us with your final wish and we will either remove or keep you on our records.

In addition, we occasionally carry out clinical audit activities to improve our service and add to the knowledge base. Although the medical data is entirely anonymised, this type of activity may be considered ‘data processing’ and you have the right to selectively withdraw consent. You can indicate to us in an email if you are happy for your anonymised information to be used in this way.

If you are one of our patients, please reply to this blog post by sending us an email stating:

  1. a) that you are happy (or not) to receive information emails;
  2. b) that you are happy (or not) to allow your anonymised data to be used for clinical audit/ research, and;
  3. c) if there is a different preferred email address for you that we should hold on record.

If you would like to read our full Website Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use for this Website, please follow the links below for their full pdf versions.

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