There is a deep feminine essence within each woman awaiting to be embraced, awakened and fully expressed in this world. SHE is the authentic Woman In You, your finest qualities, feminine power, intuition and creativity.

Maya offers Womb Healing / Feminine Awakening sessions that are suitable for all women who wish to reclaim their confidence and presence in the world and fulfill their creative potential, especially if they have previously suffered painful experiences (incl. abortion or loss of a child), abuse, difficult relationships with past lovers, ancestral patterns and/ or limiting beliefs around your womanhood and sexuality.

​A womb healing / feminine awakening session is an absolutely wonderful experience for any woman, at any time she wishes to nourish her feminine essence and receptivity and tune into the wisdom and natural rhythm / cycle of her feminine body.

It combines shamanic healing, womb visualisations and other energy healing practices with abdominal massage to help restore the body, mind and spirit to its natural state. These sessions help clear stagnant energy from your wombspace (usually from heavy emotions, past experiences and unresolved or unconscious issues around your womanhood and sexuality). Womb healing sessions together with menstrual awareness and self care have proven to be fundamental for menstrual health, fertility and feminine empowerment.

In addition to womb healing / feminine awakening, Maya can offer Rites of Passage to celebrate the major life transitions (birth; menarche; menopause) that on an un/conscious level, tend to mark the psychological development of the feminine nature and sexual / creative energy.

For new mums as well as women who have previously experienced depression, trauma or abuse, Maya also offers Cerrada (Closing of the Bones Ceremonies) that help you gather your energy back to yourself and restore your feminine confidence.

For more information, please visit http://www.MariaMayaFotiou.com

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