Coronavirus Update

At Calmer Clinics we are taking every sensible precaution, as advised by Governmental and other reliable healthcare sources, in order to protect our patients and staff from Covid-19 and continue to provide vital patient services. Please do watch our walk-though video on what to expect when you arrive for your appointment with us.

Establishing our ‘Covid-secure’ status includes regular virucidal sanitisation of surfaces, use of PPE, filtered ventilation, and other infection control measures. We will ask you, in advance of your appointment, to complete a ‘Covid-questionnaire’ either electronically or over the ‘phone. If you develop Covid-type symptoms &/or tested positive (swab antigen) in the 14 days BEFORE your appointment, or come into contact with someone who has, you MUST inform us and we will need to postpone your appointment. If you develop Covid-type symptoms &/or test positive (swab antigen) during the 9 days AFTER coming to see us, please inform us directly (if you can) in addition to relying on the NHS test and trace system. All patient data is protected by GDPR legislation. However, if asked by NHS test and trace to provide contact details for those who may have been infected, we will comply with these data requests in order to fulfil our public health obligations. If you have any objections to this data sharing policy, we would be happy to discuss this with you but, unfortunately, would not be able to accommodate you at Calmer Clinics unless we have your permission to share your contact details in this limited way. Thank you for your understanding.

For further updated UK Government information on Covid-19:
For information on NHS test and trace:

Please do watch our video below.

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