Cathy Taylor is an experienced Family Therapist (Systemic Psychotherapist) registered with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the Association of Family Therapy  (AFT). She is also an accredited psychotherapy supervisor.
Cathy has over thirty years’ experience working in NHS services with children and adults presenting with a wide range of life experiences that have  affected their emotional well-being and relationships.  These can include experiences of loss and trauma, mental health diagnoses, physical health problems, developmental, learning and communication difficulties. Problems also often arise in response to the normal stresses of family life, particularly around changes and unexpected or distressing events.
Family Therapy is a way of viewing and managing problems in terms of how they have developed within relationships and how they continue to influence family interactions and relationships.
Family Therapy offers a safe, informal space in which family members are helped to collaborate creatively in exploring their different beliefs, perspectives, hopes and  values. It aims to support  people to increase their understanding of one another, improve relationships, alleviate distress and resolve difficulties.
Family Therapy can include any members of a family, extended family, friendship or wider social network. It can also be helpful to individuals who are looking to move on with their lives and relationships.
The number of sessions needed varies, with some families needing more and others much less, the average being about 10 sessions.
Cathy is available at Calmer Clinics on Friday afternoons.
Family Therapy sessions are priced at £75 per hour.
Please contact Cathy initially via email: leaving your phone number, and she will ring you back as soon as possible.
You can also leave a message for Cathy with our team at reception on 0207 798 6831.