Dave Hompes, MSc Sports Science


“I’m inspired to deeply investigate the underlying reasons why people experience declining health and performance. Doing so facilitates a truly individualized approach to not only reaching short-term goals but also maintaining an excellent level of wellness for a lifetime.”


Dave Hompes is an internationally recognised author, speaker and clinician specializing in clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and genomics. Having overcome a string of health challenges in 2007 and learning he has a genetic disorder called haemochromatosis, it became Dave’s mission to help people using the functional medicine approach.

Dave believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. He helps his clients overcome a wide range of symptoms and conditions by using a detailed health history, lifestyle assessment, and bespoke lab testing to deeply investigate the root cause.

Once the cause is identified, he designs bespoke nutrition and supplement programmes based on the unique requirements of each individual and then offers detailed ongoing support to ensure his clients accomplish their goals.

Dave’s clients range from toddlers to the elderly and typically present with fatigue, sexual and reproductive symptoms, mood and mental imbalances, difficulty sleeping, chronic pain and skin problems. Dave’s approach is also applicable to optimizing work and sports performance and he works with a number of high-level athletes.

Dave is an avid researcher and in addition to continually updating his knowledge in functional medicine, he reads philosophy, astronomy, human behavior and psychology. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, spending time in Nature, exercising, writing music and playing the guitar.

Dave is available at Calmer Clinics on Monday afternoons and ad hoc.

His contact details are:
  • £190 (includes initial assessment (30 minutes), 1-hour consultation, follow-up, and recommendations (30 minutes).
1. £100 per 30min (includes follow up and email support).
2. £192 per 60min (includes follow up and email support).
3. Customised 3 and 6 month packages available for a most cost effective programme – POA