Maya, BA (Hons), MA


Shamanic Healer & Women’s Holistic Practitioner

Maya studied Economics and European Industrial Relationships and she began her career in Human Resources and Business Process Improvement before following her soul’s calling. She is now working as a Shamanic Healer and Women’s Holistic Practitioner supporting others in harmonizing their life path with their soul’s purpose in the Now. As an intuitive, she helps individuals release energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, heavy emotions and feel at peace with their inner self.

The main shamanic viewpoint is that the external reality is a reflection of the internal reality hence change starts within. Shamanic Healing is particularly helpful for people suffering from a loss of power (energy) or direction that may manifest as feeling “stuck” or dissatisfied in their lives, personal relationships or careers; or even in the form of phobias, panic attacks and anxiety. Shamanic healing retrieves the frozen or fragmented (dissociated) soul part that experiences these states of Being and restores the energetic boundaries and alignment of the person to feel whole and at peace again.

It is generally considered that our current life experiences are “designed” based on our past lives (karma), ancestral patterns (bloodline) and our soul’s evolutionary path in the Now (free will). The main purpose of shamanic healing is to help individuals “re-member” and come into alignment with their Inner Self holding the template of their life to release energetic imprints and review soul contracts and agreements affecting them in the Now. This enables them to live more “Self-Fully”, at peace with themselves, creating the life they wish to experience. Each session is different and it may include guided meditation with healing transmissions (known as shamanic journeying), hands off healing (similar to Reiki), massage, crystals, etc.

Maya also offers Womb Healing & Awakening the Feminine Nature sessions that help women harmonize their menstrual cycle naturally, reclaim the creative power of their womb space (regardless of age or whether they still have a physical womb) and regain their confidence to Be Who They Really Are.

In addition to Shamanic Healing, Maya is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and she also offers Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage. She holds weekly meditation classes, regular women’s circles and other workshops. For more information, please visit: or