SignpostDo you want to:

  • Stop saying and doing things you later regret
  • Make your influence count more
  • Immediately reduce stress, regardless of circumstances
  • Have clearer and more creative thinking
  • Increase your efficacy and decisiveness
  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Increase intuitive skills and confidence
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Enhance resilience and health

Leadership Coaching with Jennifer Day will give you all this through a three-step process in a series of 10 to 20 one-on-one 1-hour coaching sessions where you will:

  • LEARN – tailored to be relevant to you and your agenda– you learn the latest scientific information about the brain and performance, and how to practically apply the knowledge to your particular situation and the people you influence
  • BE COACHED – in person or by Skype – both are developmental and dynamic and incorporate a bespoke folder created specifically for you throughout your coaching sessions, with practical, innovative practices helpful to you & your circumstances. Also included are regular follow-up emails and texts, as needed.
  • SUSTAIN OUTCOMES – with on-going coaching, expanding on the tailored program with more in-depth approaches to meet your specific needs – if and when desired.

Contact Lucy Roberts who can combine coaching with Reiki. Reiki practised with coaching provides the additional dimension of engaging your conscious mind in the healing journey. Often pain or other physical manifestations provide us with a learning opportunity, if we are willing to listen to our bodies and reflect. The coaching aspect explores this and can identify ways to resolve causes of discomfort at the necessary levels, creating well-being and harmony.