Shamanic healing is a co-creative process to guide and support your healing process as guided by Spirit. ​

The term “shamanism” comes from the siberian word “saman” that roughly translates as (Holder of) Knowledge and is used to describe indigenous wisdom teachings and healing practices from cultures across the world. At the heart of these teachings lies the deep respect and appreciation of the Sacredness of All Life and the Inter-Connectedness of the human nature with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Through a higher awareness of the natural and spirit world and understanding of the seen and unseen forces that govern it, indigenous cultures view dis-ease or affliction of the mental, emotional, energetic or physical body as a symptom of an energetic mis-alignment, blockage or imbalance. Therefore, the main purpose of shamanic practice and healing is to cultivate the Inner Knowing (and receive the Healing energy) that enables us to live in harmony and at peace with own self, each other and All That Is. In shamanism, this starts through direct experience or observation of the inner states of being (unconscious) that shape the outer reality.

What to expect from your shamanic session:

Each person is unique and each session may vary significantly dependent on the person’s needs and the energy of the day.

​A shamanic healing session typically includes shamanic journeying (a form of guided meditation) channelled directly from Source with healing transmissions through the beat of a drum. The shamanic drum is known to carry the primordial vibration of the first-ever sound that comes into our conscious awareness – the pulse of our mother’s blood when we are still in the womb. During shamanic journeying, the beat of the drum guides us into altered states of awareness where we connect with the Highest Spirit Guides and can help you shift any blockages and re-align with your soul plan in the most graceful and harmonious manner.

A shamanic healing session may also include from time to time some hands-on healing (similar to reiki) or light massage to circulate and rebalance the energy in your body and energy field. Also the possibility of working with crystals, stones, feathers, etc.

When you come for your shamanic healing session, you are kindly advised to gift yourself some quiet time before and after. This will enable you to receive and integrate the healing energy and any insights gained from your session in the most graceful and lasting manner. It is best to refrain from alcohol on the day due to its lower vibration.