Tamzen Grove

My background

I am a qualified yoga therapist registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) having studied at Yoga Campus, London and The Shala, Cape Town. Being a yoga therapist and yoga teacher I  have worked with and tutored many clients over almost a decade in the UK and South Africa. I have had the opportunity to work with people of all ages and with a wide range of complex physical and mental health conditions.  

How does yoga therapy work?

Through cultivating a therapeutic relationship and listening carefully to what is causing your discomfort, we’ll work together, sensitively, with your body, your breathing and your mind. The process uses yoga philosophy and well-refined physical movements and techniques. My intention as your therapist is to help you discover inner equilibrium and to integrate all aspects of your being. I will work with you to find pain relief on a physical, emotional, energetic and psychological level. You will receive supportive tools and techniques that can provide an ongoing benefit to you. 

What conditions can it help?
This type of therapy is suitable for most conditions and can be used alongside other therapies and medication. Areas I have experience in include stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, fertility and reproductive health, back pain, digestion, anything musculoskeletal, respiratory based and, more recently, Covid (especially as yoga breathing assists with the pulmonary issues).

How does the process work?
You can contact me at: and we can arrange a call to discuss your needs and work out if Yoga Therapy will benefit you.  Before the first session, I will ask you to complete a form which I need to be returned 48 hours before our first session.  This document helps me understand how best to tailor your one-on-one sessions.

How many sessions you chose is up to you – your availability and your budget. 

  • The first session is 90 minutes. During this time a full assessment of your posture, breathing and movement will take place. 
  • At the end of the session you will receive a personal assessment and a practice schedule to take home with you. 
  • The follow-up sessions are 60 minutes of working toward your goals that come up on the day. Here we’ll focus on your practice so you gain the maximum therapeutic benefit and feel empowered to continue your journey.

Pricing structure:

I charge £80 for the first session, which is 90 minutes and thereafter £65 for 60 minutes. The price includes the pre-evaluation, in person assessment and post-assessment therapy programme designed for you.

10% off for students and NHS staff.