We are pleased to announce that from January 2018, the Calmer Clinics team will be joining forces with the Pimlico Health Centre – an established private GP practice providing a range of medical services in the heart of Victoria and Pimlico. We chose to collaborate with their specialists as the team at the centre has rapid access to a wide range of diagnostic and specialist investigations to ensure a fully optimised healthcare for each patient. We act as the holistic health provider for osteopathy, podiatry, and nutrition and along with receiving recommended patients from the centre, we will also be guiding our patients to their specialists’ services if we feel the need to do so.

Below is a short summary of the practice and their contact details for more information.

Thank you, Pimlico Health Centre for the trust in us and we look forward to working together and helping more people achieve long-term wellbeing.

 Pimlico Health Centre

+   Excellent and personalised healthcare for children and adults

+   Same day appointments

+   Pre-booked appointment consultations

+   No formal registration required

+   Rapid access to tests and investigations

+   Good working relationships with leading specialists

+   Continuity of care with a dedicated and caring professional team

+   Open till late on weekdays and weekends.

+   Dermatology & Obagi skincare

+   Confidential sexual health screening

+    Private blood tests

+   Instant HIV testing