4 thoughts on “Welcome to Calmer Clinics

  1. Rohini


    My name is Rohini and I am 17 weeks pregnant . I have recently developed a sharp shooting pain in my right bum which is concentrated pain that comes and goes. It doesn’t go down the leg but is unbearable when it comes. I was hoping if I could come and show someone who specializes in women’s health as I think the 2 are related. Of course I could be wrong
    The earlier the better


    • HI Rohini,

      We have Osteopaths with a wealth of Obs/ Gynae experience who would be happy to see you for this problem. The issue could be gestational sciatica which is a common problem, treatable, and often due to release of the hormone Relaxin as well as biomechanical factors. Please give us a call or email us and we can book you in. +44 (0)20 7798 6831 info@calmerclinics.com

      Thank you and we look forward to seeing you here,


  2. Jessica read

    My wife has been trying to get a hold of someone down there she really needs her prescription filled please call us back at your earliest convenience 5055068575


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