The Norris technique is a technique that teaches you, without manipulation from anyone else, how to align your body so that it is in its best possible position for living. This ‘do-it-yourself kit’ to correct posture was developed by Patricia Norris, a former classical ballet dancer who realised along the way that beautiful is not necessarily beneficial.

Years of working in a variety of related disciplines-Yoga, Alexander, Pilates (in New York with the man himself) Feldenkrais and so on, created a background from which vital considerations could be made. This, in turn, contributed to Pat’s conclusion: Some of the techniques came close to doing the job that she felt could be done but something intrinsically basic has not been given enough consideration.

Many more years studying and working along side doctors and other medical professionals the Norris Technique was born.

The technique works well to precondition for other disciplines and exercise programs. You can also bring the technique into your daily activities without difficulty to whatever extent you choose and naturally the more often you do this the more quickly the benefits will show.

Some benefits are instantly apparent, the stomach is flattened, hunched shoulders disappear and a double chin is minimised. However there are further benefits that are not so visible-for example, relief from neck and back pains, increased energy and better blood circulation and digestion.

As the Norris Technique not only does this but also improves digestion and helps maximise the potential of other exercise regimes, it should be considered a vital tool in the quest for longevity. Laura Wilder is our expert on the topic and she is looking forward to helping you on your journey toward true wellbeing.