Lucy Roberts creates a very safe space. She is calm and compassionate.  I felt so relaxed during her healing, I almost drifted off and experienced a positive shift in the following days. I also received a distant reiki treatment from her and felt the energy working through me. Again I felt better the following day. Wonderful lady!’ Alexandra Swann 

Lucy has a very kind, angelic energy, her Reiki treatments always shift my energy from one of high adrenal stress to calm and gratitude.  There is a peace that she communicates that brings you into the present in a more grounded way.  I highly recommend her’. Maxine Shorto 


“Emma Gibbons is my go to reflexologist when I’m in London, I highly recommend her for relaxation, rejuvenation and/or pure pampering!  She is flexible, understanding, caring and works hand in hand with you to achieve your goals.” Naomie Harris, Actress

“Charles and I want to say a truly heart-felt thank you for all the hard work you have put in to Ben, your endless patience and above all the kindness you have shown him…it has been so rewarding watching a thoroughly miserable baby blossom into a happy little boy. I only hope you are as proud of your efforts as we are delighted with the results.” Joanna & Charles – Windsor – patients of David Propert

”I am writing to you as a professional Squash player who has competed in 2 Commonwealth Games, and represented the England team over 70 times in a career of over 15 years…Working with David Propert to keep my body in alignment with the use of osteopathy, rather than the more traumatic techniques that a chiropractor may use, has been a major factor in my body maintenance program over the last 10 years. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, whether they are active sports people or regular business people, to get regular osteopathy treatments for their own personal well-being. I know I will continue to get treatments after I have ‘hung up my racket’ for the last time!!” Chris – Colchester

”Virgil got me walking again when I broke my patella last year. And now he’s working with me again on my rotator cuff problem. He is both a physio and an osteopath and as such offers a wide range of support. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body and also very psychologically sophisticated, so he knows what buttons to press (literally and metaphorically) to get your body working again. I would recommend him highly.” ~ Sara Ramsden, patient of  Virgil Bru – Sport & Post-Surgery Rehab

‘I saw Elodie towards the end of my pregnancy when I developed pain in my hip due to baby lying across rather than head down. She showed me some very useful exercises which greatly helped reduce the pain. Now my hip feels nearly back to normal!’ ~ Harriet D., London, patient of Elodie Poissenot – Women’s health Physiotherapist

‘Amazing treatment. Elodie was knowledgeable, informative, kind and encouraging. She helped me mentally and physically through a very difficult time post-birth and made me feel empowered to work with her on my recovery. I can’t recommend her, or indeed thank her enough for the help she gave me. CHARLOTTE W., patient of Elodie Poissenot – Women’s health Physiotherapist

‘I met Kate by good fortune when I was continuously tired. I have thought so highly of her care of me that I have referred everyone I think could benefit as I have done. She is not only knowledgeable but she is open, ethical and caring. I warmly commend her to you.’ – Dr. Lousada, patient of Kate Osborne – Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance Coach

‘I decided to work with Kate after I failed for years to lose some weight. I also suffered regularly from headaches and was constantly tired and had very little energy. After we tried a few different approaches, we finally got to the bottom of my problem and I started to lose weight just by replacing certain foods with other nutritious options. In addition to the weight loss, I also don’t have headaches anymore and even the pain in my knee/joints improved significantly’ Tanja Buttgenbach (Graphic Designer), patient оf Kate Osborne – Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance Coach

‘I used to suffer from cold sores which would flare up regularly with usually 5-6 different sores on my mouth, I was also suffering from frequent colds, coughs, flu and my immune system were generally very low which was making my working life difficult. With Kate’s help, I made some changes to my diet, introducing more whole foods and cutting down on refined, sugary foods and ready meals. I have not had any cold sores since I changed the way that I eat and suffer from half the amount of colds that I used to. I found the consultation really interesting, I found that understanding the effect that my diet was having on my body really motivated me into action’ Dr. Gemma Cloherty  (Clinical Psychologist), patient of Kate Osborne – Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance Coach

”My work with Jennifer has transformed my life. She has shown me how to remove the barriers I had put in place and given me the tools to develop myself in ways which I could not have imagined. The effect on both my emotional life and career have been remarkable!” A. Chatilla, London, UK – patient of Jennifer Day, Stress Management Expert, Executives & Parents Coach

“Empowering! Better than 20 years of therapy!”, Julie McCallister, Therapist, FL, USA – patient of Jennifer Day, Stress Management Expert, Executives & Parents Coach“Through the process, I am doing with Jennifer I became a better version of myself. I am not a victim of any situation anymore, whether it’s at work, with my parents or in my relationships. I became more aware of my emotions and I have the tools I gained in the process to help me get centred and direct my energy to benefit me and others. It is a beautiful journey that I wish everyone could go through. We would all become better people, better parents, better friends, better partners and better colleagues. I am the luckiest person in the world to have Jennifer and AEM as a part of my life journey and I’m grateful.”, Michal Zeevi, MD, Israel – patient of Jennifer Day, Stress Management Expert, Executives & Parents Coach

“Working with Jennifer during my divorce was an invaluable experience. In the dark tunnel of divorce, Jennifer intently and gently lit the way through the unknown territory of separating a family and separating households. Jennifer easily became the voice for our voiceless children often in the middle of disputes about time, money, holidays etc… She also skillfully held the space for true closure to my marriage so that a new agreement could be envisioned. This was an absolute necessary milestone to be able to move forward in the difficult process of separating. After 6 years of divorce, my children’s father and I continue to use the co-parenting template that Jennifer developed for us which became integrated into our divorce agreement. I could not imagine working though the tender issues of children and divorce without having Jennifer’s guidance and support. I highly recommend working with Jennifer through the difficult terrain of your divorce/separation. You and your children will benefit greatly from it.”, Julie M. Friedman, Psychologist, FL. USA – patient of Jennifer Day, Stress Management Expert, Executives & Parents Coach

“I have nothing but praise for Mieke Rainbird – Chill, found her through the British Acupuncture Council. I had my first Acupuncture session at Calmer Clinic in Pimlico about 2 weeks ago. I went to the clinic with severe pain from intercostal neuralgia, recurring condition. A few hours later the shooting pain was fading away, absolutely incredible. I had tried everything else in the past to stop the acute pains when they come but there was no cure. I had a few sessions and I am getting better and better every day. Now is only a process of recovering. Can not be happier. The place is very clean, quiet and relaxing. Mieke is extremely professional, caring and kind person. I can not recommend her highly enough.”, Geri Todorova, patient of Mieke Rainbird-Chill, Acupuncture Practitioner


“To say Kerry is an exceptional homeopath would be a sheer understatement based on her inherent ability to understand, identify and ultimately rectify seemingly insurmountable impairments. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and medically advised that I would likely suffer with this condition for the rest of my life. I reached out to Kerry as a last resort to assist in helping to control the condition without any expectation for an actual cure. After my first session with Kerry, I felt my life had changed and this actualised itself as I was seemingly cured of the condition after only one hypnotherapy session. I have been visiting Kerry on a regular basis since and have been able to return to living an unrestricted lifestyle once again. Kerry has not simply been an influencer on my life but instead she has completely changed it for the better. As a result, I plan to continue my work with Kerry for many years to come and remain forever grateful for her ability to allow me to live an uninhibited lifestyle. I have no hesitation in recommending Kerry to anyone seeking true fulfillment in both their mental and physical wellbeing. ” , Alexander A, patient of Kerry Welch, Homeopath
”After going through a tough time with work earlier in the year, I was struggling to pull myself out of a real funk and get back on a positive path. Nothing seemed to be helping. A friend recommended that I try Kerry and that she offers hypnotherapy. I wasn’t too sure as had never tried anything like this before. However, I decided to give it a go and not a day goes by when I regret it! Kerry is the loveliest lady you’ll probably ever meet, and her therapy sessions work, 100%. She took the time to really understand what I was going through, and what I wanted to achieve at the end of our sessions. She then tailored her approach to me. After just one session I was feeling better, and after 3 Kerry had helped me to think differently about the situation I was in. I was more positive, more confident, more driven, I was processing information differently. I was fixed!! If you’re not sure, I get that, but give hypnotherapy a go. It’s incredible, it works, and you’re in such good hands with Kerry.”, Mrs. T, patient of Kerry Welch, Hypnotherapist